Photo of K Shanmugam from AFP

The Minister of Truth, Law Minister K Shanmugam has re-written history and confirmed that appointed President Wee Kim Wee is Singapore’s first elected President after many rounds of twists and turns in his defence in Parliament. Although the dictatorship’s top dog was unable to give a definite acknowledgement who exactly the first elected President was, Law Minister K Shanmugam kept a tagline: “It was a policy decision”.

No logical explanation was given behind the policy decision, or even a the use of simple maths counting the number of elected presidents Singapore had. Minister K Shanmugam however did chased around his own tail repeating the government took the AGC’s advice, and then dismissing the advice as “irrelevant”. The fake debate in Parliament was held to a sudden stop as the ruling party-biased Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan Jin ignored opposition MP Sylvia Lim’s raised hand.

The Ministry of Education has not responded to Minister K Shanmugam’s assertion of Wee Kim Wee being the first president, and the Ministry will likely offend the powerful Law Minister if it does not change the “fake news” content in secondary schools’ Social Studies book pointing out that Ong Teng Cheong is the first elected president.

Minister K Shanmugam’s performance in Parliament this week has been barking. Aside from twisting historical facts, the unofficial Minister of Truth also called international surveys that do not rank Singapore favourably as “fake news”.

“And really, you don’t need studies and reports. You look at our lived reality. What is the experience? Your experience, my experience, experience of our people. You know the answer.”

Singaporeans today need no longer refer to Google search for the truth, they now can just “Shanmugam it”. Since the Singapore Court was also unable to give their interpretation of “policy decisions”, Minister of Truth K Shanmugam should also be appointed the “Policy Minister”, where anything he says becomes “policy decisions”.

STR Editor
Alex Tan