Screenshot of Facebook video Tan Chuan Jin

Following numerous articles by independent news site States Times Review slamming the ruling party dictatorship of censoring Opposition MP Sylvia Lim, the question on Presidency is finally allowed according to Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan Jin. On his Facebook page, Speaker Tan Chuan Jin specifically highlighted that Sylvia Lim’s questions being blocked twice was fair:

“Just balloted for tomorrow’s adjournment motion (3 Oct 2017). Sylvia Lim’s motion has been picked. She was present for the draw, as she had been the previous round…There are various platforms for every individual MPs to surface issues that concern them. ”

PAP MP Vikram Nair wrote a forum letter to state media Straits Times claiming that his question on National Service celebration is as important as the question on the legitimacy of the Presidential Election. Calling his critics “absurd”, the PAP MP said he filed his question as early as July:

“As one of the MPs who filed an adjournment motion at these sittings, I find the accusation of filibustering absurd…The insinuation that I had filed my motion as some kind of filibuster is absurd, as I filed my adjournment motion in July, well before Ms Lim filed hers.”

The PAP-majority Parliament will have to explain why President Ong Teng Cheong is not recognised as the first elected President, and how did appointed President Wee Kim Wee is defined as elected President.

Depending on the ruling party government’s explanation, historical records and school textbooks will have to be re-written to name President Wee Kim Wee as the first elected president. However if an unsatisfactory explanation is given, President Halimah Yacob would be deemed illegitimate in eyes of the public. The Lee Hsien Loong-endorsed puppet president won the presidency in a walkover after Lee Hsien Loong disqualified her two other opponent contestants.