Photo of Scoot plane from SBS

A poorly-coordinated delayed flight on Scoot has led to their parent company Singapore Airlines suffering a public relations disaster, with passengers slamming the airline company for pushing away responsibilities. Writing on the Facebook post of an aggrieved passenger, Singapore Airlines said:

Sorry to hear about this, Jeremy. We would like to share that while Scoot is our subsidiary carrier, it manages its own operational matters. In Australia, the 24-hour contact number is +61 2 9009 0860.

According to affected passengers, scoot flight TR1 was scheduled to depart for Singapore from Sydney yesterday (Sep 30) at 12.30pm. An aircraft technical issue was encountered at Sydney airport and Scoot announced numerous delays totalling five hours where the management eventually decided that the flight was to be cancelled. Passengers were then offered a night’s stay at Novotel Sydney hotel, but some passengers were being told at the hotel at 10pm that there was no room left. Scoot was uncontactable throughout the ordeal, and passengers who did not get a room went to spend a night at the airport.

The new flight was arranged to take off at 8am today (Oct 1) but another technical issue occurred and the plane took off more than 4 hours later at 1.30pm.

A relative of an affected family posted on Scoot’s Facebook page:

“The absolute gem for me was the conversation I just had with the head of crew: could I please have some food and drink for the kids / did you pre order / no / oh so you’d like to buy food / um definitely not, I’d like you to arrange something for all the children on the plane who have been amazing / but people will have to buy the food / no, I think it would be a very fair gesture of goodwill to the passengers if you could provide everyone with something, making the children the priority / mmm yes, thank you for the suggestion, at the moment we just need to focus on getting the plane ready for clearance and I will come back to you.

This one as well:

THEN on asking to charge our phone and again told we will have to pay for that service!!!

Message learned! NEVER fly Scoot! Too unreliable, no genuine care or concern for passengers – cheap price yes but nothing else.”

Below is a timeline account by passenger Jeremy of what happened:

“SQ….. ive got an issue with scoot…

heres the timeline for clarity…

1230pm Flight scheduled but we were not told anything.
130pm Informed over the radio that due to maintenance the flight is delayed for “an hour or two”
330pm Staff said Singapore is not willing to cancel.
430pm Announcement that the flight is cancelled. told to take our baggage, check out and go to check in counter H.
430-9pm Spent 5 hours!!! before we reach the counter and were told we were to be put at Novotel Sydney Central for the night with $30pp for meal reimbursement and a shuttle that will take us there and back. (sounds good).
10pm After 1 hour standing in the shuttle bus lane with NO SCOOT STAFF telling us what to expect, finally a bus came and took 12 of us to Novotel.
1030pm (at Novotel reception) we were told theres no room for us (THEN WHY SEND US THERE???)
1130pm Still no news. Novotel staff told us that they have never been in touch with any Scoot personnel. its all through an agency.
12midnight Novotel staff said agency only managed to find 1 room.. and sent my family of 3 to a MOTEL… called “Airport Hotel” saying the duty manager will pay for the taxi.
1240pm Reached the motel and theres nobody. NOBODY at all. no room. no duty manager. nobody to pay for the taxi.
1am BACK AT Novotel. Infant is crying incessantly. And nobody in Scoot is taking responsibility or being contactable.

Throughout ive been trying to get in touch with someone from Scoot to sort out this mess.

is someone going to respond? apart from the poor Novotel staff who is placed in the situation because 12 guests were sent to him who did not have a booking. Is this how you treat your customer? especially you are part of Singapore Airlines group — which is BIG on customer service. Just because Scoot is the budget arm you can treat your customer like dirt?”