Photo of Singapore police at Pedra Branca from Facebook

According to a press release by Singapore’s navy, the Singapore government conducted a military exercise at the disputed islands of Pedra Branca in August. The move is a taunt and warning to Malaysia, who is also contesting for the ownership of the rocks 44km away from the east coast of Singapore.

The Singapore Navy published on Facebook challenging Malaysia:

“The RSN and the SPF conduct regular exercises to ensure that our contingency plans for the defence of Pedra Branca against any threats or intrusions are well practised.”

The military exercise was conducted right next to The Middle Rocks, a territory under Malaysia’s sovereignty. According to Malaysia, a Malaysian navy ship KD Perdana is stationed at The Middle Rocks to “ensure maritime security”.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) awarded Pedra Branca to Singapore in 2008, but it is currently reviewing the judgement following an appeal from Malaysia which presented new historical records dated during the British colonial period of it’s ownership.

Singapore’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan did not comment on the military exercise.