Photo of Minister Ng Eng Hen with China PLA Defence Minister Chang Wanquan from Facebook

China’s Defence Ministry today (Sep 28) has issued a press statement reiterating their stand that China oppose Singapore conducting joint military operations with Taiwan:

“China is willing to work with Singapore to create favourable conditions to develop an even more mature military relationship. I also want to stress here that Taiwan is an inseparable part of China. We resolutely oppose any country having any form of official exchanges with Taiwan or military links.”

The media statement debunks the fake news by Singapore Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen, who called his recent trip to Beijing “successful” suggesting that China has given Singapore the leeway to continue military operations in Taiwan. In a official trip to China last week, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was unable to negotiate an entry into China’s One Belt One Road initiative.

The Singapore Prime Minister tried to curry favour of China by keeping quiet on the South China Seas territories dispute, and poured praises for China – all done in hope to appease China after bilateral diplomacy reached historical low. In recent years, PM Lee Hsien Loong offended China saying that they have to “respect international laws” and give up their claims on the South China Seas. Lee Hsien Loong also ran his mouth off in US, calling tap water in China as “pork soup” and the air in China “smoking”. China then detained 9 SAF terrex vehicles in 2016 to punish PM Lee Hsien Loong in return.