Photo of haze from Straits Times

Singapore’s Civil Defense (SCDF) and the National Environment Agency (NEA) are unable to find the source of a pungent smell clocking over all areas of Singapore. Singaporeans reported a “petrol”, “burning” and “chemical” smell to the authorities but the government is unable to pinpoint the source of the smell.

Despite numerous reports of the smell and haze stinging the human eye, the SCDF and NEA is unable to confirm if the smell is harmful to health. No health advisory was given and the authorities claimed there is no “toxic substances” when they do not know what the smell is:

“There were no toxic industrial substances in the air and that air quality during the period had been well within safety limits.”

Fake news state media Straits Times claimed that it “understands” that the source is from Johor Bahru, but a check on the seasonal wind direction shows the wind blowing northward. A check on burning forest in the region on ASEAN Haze hotspot mapping found that there is a hot spot at Indonesia’s West Kalimandan on the east of Singapore, which would likely be the source as per wind direction.