Causeway jam when immigration counters are down from Twitter

The cross border Causeway traffic is expected to be congested further following the Singapore government’s decision to include fingerprint scanning for car travellers. According to the press release by the Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA) today (Sep 25), car travellers aged six and above will need to scan their thumbprints at the immigration counter and the process will result in further delays:

“With the implementation of BioScreen at car counters, travellers may experience slightly longer immigration clearance time. ICA seeks your understanding and cooperation.”

A daily commute just to cross the 1km border during peak hours take more than two hours, and the delay stretch as far as three hours for public holidays. The major delay usually comes from the Singapore side of the immigration clearance, and the Singapore ICA refused to set up new clearance counters to handle the traffic.

The Singapore-Johor Bahru Causeway is among the most congested border in the world as hundreds of thousands of Malaysians and Singaporeans live in Malaysia to work in Singapore. Property prices and cost of living is reportedly less than half of Singapore’s prices, but salaries is proportionally higher in Singapore due to the exchange rate.