Photo of SPH papers from Yahoo Singapore

Ranking 154th in credibility due to heavy government influence, propaganda state media Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) is looking to downsize again with more retrenchments according to sources familiar with the organisation.

The news came after physical circulation of Today newspapers were terminated last month (Aug 25). In October 2016, propaganda papers The New Paper was shut down due to falling readership. Also announced in the same month was the retrenchment of over 400 staffs at the Singapore Press Holdings.

The downsizing of SPH is expected due to their new CEO, a former army general crony who ran Neptune Orient Lines (NOL) into hefty losses. After losing his CEO job selling NOL, the former Lieutenant-General was made Executive Director of the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), the national propaganda media in July 2016. SPH stock price then lost over 30% of its stock value in the 14 months since Ng Yat Chung became its director.

SPH is also seeing falling readership because of its lack of credibility, with many of its newspaper publishing fake news to brainwash the population. Earlier this month, the national newspaper claimed that there a majority support Halimah Yacob as the new President without conducting a survey. TodayOnline also published a news earlier this week claiming that “Singaporeans are celebrating 4 more years of F1”. Also earlier this month, the Malaysian Health Ministry condemned the Singapore media for publishing fake news claiming that Malaysian hospitals demand payment before giving emergency treatment.

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