Photo of SPH papers from Yahoo Singapore

Singapore 154th-ranking state media Straits Times today (Sep 13) published a fake news article featuring a Hongkong-based private company is leading Singapore into China’s lucrative One Belt One Road (OBOR) project. According to the Straits Times article, Shenzhen Bus Group is a “state-owned” company founded in 1975.

However, a google search on Shenzhen Bus Group revealed that it was founded only in 2005 and that it’s parent company is a publicly-listed company. Straits Times featured the company’s deputy manager, Joe Ma, who claimed that his company bidding for Singapore’s bus route tender to “support” China’s OBOR project:

“In so doing, SZBG is also acting to support China’s Belt and Road Initiative, whereby enterprises, particularly those providing infrastructure and services, are encouraged to venture into the global market.”

The bus route tender has 18-services in Bukit Merah and it is the smallest tender yet. Straits Times reporter, “Senior Transport Correspondent” Christopher Tan, apparently did not fact-check against the China-national’s claims and misled Singaporean readers into believing China is finally admitting Singapore into its OBOR project.

China to date refuse to rope Singapore into the OBOR project and chooses Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia instead over Singapore as members.

Singapore’s mainstream media is ranked 154th in the world for independence. State media often publishes propaganda fake news to trick the populace into believing the dictatorship. The dictatorship’s Law Minister, K Shanmugam, however labelled States Times Review as “fake news” because the news site often publish independent articles that criticises the government.