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Despite waxing lyrical about Meritocracy and “looking past her tudung”, Halimah Yacob shamelessly submitted her Nomination papers for a walkover win and denied Singaporeans an open election. According to the Election Department, if there has been no candidates nominated for the Reserved Presidential Election, the election will be open to all races to contest. The former PAP MP was informed of the news that her two other opponent candidates were denied eligibility to contest, and Halimah Yacob jumped in on the opportunity to cash in for the S$1.54 million-a-year President post.

Halimah Yacob may be President today, but her disgraceful move to secure a walkover win earned no one’s respect. In fact, many Singaporeans do not respect the newly “elected” President and continue to throw insults even after the contest ended.

The Lee Hsien Loong-controlled puppet president is by far the most controversial one, causing deep divisions in the country’s racial, meritocratic and democratic fundamentals. First, Halimah Yacob is Indian and she is never Malay. The re-definition of the Malay race is a huge insult to the indigenous people of Singapore. Calling her a “Malay President” insults both the Indian and Malay community – with the former questioning if being “Indian” means more inferior than being “Malay” given how Halimah Yacob disavow her Indian heritage, and the latter questioning why their “Malay” identity has been diluted to being a Muslim from Pakistan, Arab, Indian or any race.

Second, a reserved election for a certain race runs against Meritocracy. Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong even said so himself. Singapore, a country and people that prides themselves for rewarding hard work, is suddenly thrown into racial discrimination and divisions, where a certain race is more qualified than another.

Third, a walkover win is not a democratic election. How does one win an election without a single vote indeed? This is certainly not democracy and people who proclaim otherwise have better get their loyalty checked – are they PAP dogs or Singaporeans? Disqualifying opponent candidates to win an election is cheating in every democratic country. Halimah Yacob and the ruling party government would have been arrested en masse had the Singapore Police and judiciary are independent from the Prime Minister’s Office. Many Singaporeans expressed reservations about calling out the cheat due to defamation lawsuits and policemen carrying semi-automatic machine guns, but yes, a walkover win is cheating.