Photo of police outside Halimah Yacob's estate from Straits Times

Despite promising during her campaign to continue living in her HDB flat, Halimah Yacob now went back on her words and decided to move out into the lucrative Istana house. Singaporeans were tricked into believing her “humility” when she told state media reporters that she will continue living in a five-room HDB flat even after becoming President.

This is what Halimah Yacob said during her campaign:

“I don’t see why I can’t continue living in a HDB flat unless there are other considerations like security, for instance, because I know it can be quite a nightmare to ensure security in public housing. Other than that, I see no reason why I cannot continue.”

The Lee Hsien Loong-endorsed candidate who is an Indian won the Malay Presidency through disqualification of her two other presidential candidates on Monday (Sep 11). State media Straits Times wrote an article preparing for Halimah Yacob to move away from the HDB flat to the Istana, and even claimed that residents support her decision to leave.

The former PAP MP will be sworn to Presidency today despite mounting dissent from the public. Most Singaporeans Halimah Yacob would not have won the election on her own had there been a contest and that she is “unworthy” to be Singapore President given her broken English. Many Singaporeans are worried that Halimah Yacob will embarrass Singapore around the world with an English translator when she meets with other head of states.