Photo of armoured vehicles outside Nomination Centre from CNA

The Singapore dictatorship regime has prepared two armoured vehicles and an estimated 100 police officers in preparation to arrest any anti-Halimah Yacob protesters at Nomination c entre today (Sep 13). State media CNA featured two Special Operations Command armoured vehicles parked outside the Nomination Centre.

As early as 9am, red-beret police officers from the Police Tactical Unit heavily armed with a semi-automatic machine guns and a hand gun each were stationed every 10 metres apart near the Nomination Centre. Plain-clothes police and blue-uniformed policemen were also seen patrolling the compound.

Screenshot from Twitter

The police move to arrest protesters come after many Singaporeans expressed dissent against Halimah Yacob’s undemocratic win via disqualification of two other candidates. Online forums were raging with anger with tagline #notmyPresident making its rounds on the internet. Some are also planning a “booing” parade for Halimah Yacob, to express their dissent against the Lee Hsien Loong-endorsed candidate.

500 unionists from government union NTUC were brought to act as cheerleading “supporters” to Halimah Yacob. According to media photos, there are no other member of the public who dared show up at the centre.