Photo of Song Fanrong from Google

A new citizen from China has been charged for cheating offences after she bragged about her ties with the ruling party dictatorship. According to the court hearing, Song Fanrong, 45, told three China businessmen that she could help them apply for Singapore permanent residency or citizenship through her “good connections” with the ruling party PAP.

The new citizen who own a kindergarten business in Singapore said she was the chairman of an association founded by Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat-sen and supported by the Government. Song Fanrong, a former Singapore “entrepreneurship award winner” issued by a fake education academy, also told her fellow China businessmen that her Singaporean husband, Mr Teo Kuei Yang, was the brother of the Deputy Prime Minister. Convinced by her lies, three businessmen signed contracts with her that would help them move to Singapore under a purported scheme which required at least $500,000 invested in a Singapore company.

The China-born woman also told them that the PAP Government is now emphasising on early childhood education, and managed to get one of the businessmen to invest S$798,500 in her kindergarten business.

The lie fell through only after the businessmen found out that Singapore’s investment scheme requires only S$50,000. In her defence against prosecution, she said that the three men chose their own investments.

Song Fanrong also convinced the three to buy four semi-detached units at Belgravia Villas in Ang Mo Kio. They were cheated into believing that the agreements were legal, which stated that she would buy the units in her name and transfer the properties to the plaintiffs after they obtain permanent residence.

A court order was issued to freeze her finances but Song Fanrong managed to outsmart the government by selling off some of her shares in her kindergarten business and transferred some S$300,000 to her bank account in China.

Cronyism is actively practised in Singapore especially among the PAP grassroots leaders. Many businessmen join the PAP grassroots community to obtain lucrative government works that are otherwise closed to others.