Photo of Halimah Yacob rehearsing as President before election

Unconstitutional. Fraud. Cheat. Rigged election. Dictatorship. Waste my time. #NotmyPresident. #NotMalay.

These are the buzzwords that describe President Halimah Yacob by most Singaporeans on various social media platforms after she was brought to power through disqualification of her two opponent candidates.

Halimah Yacob was announced the winner of the 2017 Presidential “Election” yesterday (Sep 11) by the dictator-controlled Election Department. Many Singaporeans however expressed disappointment and some, disgust, at her “win”. Most pointed out that the Indian Singaporean is not even a Malay to begin with, and questioned her eligibility for the reserved election.

The former PAP MP has also a poor reputation for her poor grasp of grammar and lack of coherence in her speech. Many Singaporeans criticised Halimah Yacob as “unworthy” as Singapore’s President and expressed worries that her presentation will be an international embarrassment when she meets with foreign head of states.

Many Singaporeans will pointed out that Halimah Yacob should not be wearing her Islamic headdress tudung when she takes office because countries like Israel may express reservations meeting with her.

Halimah Yacon was ruled the winner in a walkover because the ruling party dictatorship was worried that she might not win the election by herself. After setting up near-impossible qualifying requirements like having a S$500 million shareholders’ equity, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong instructed the Election Department to give his choice of candidate a further affirmative “push” to presidency through winning by default.