Nomination Day crowd of Lee Hsien Loong's supporters

Dissatisfied with the undemocratic cheating tactic by ruling party, many Singaporeans are attending a booing parade for Halimah Yacob at tomorrow’s Nomination Centre for winning the 2017 Malay Presidential Election with a walkover.

Nomination Centre: People’s Association, 9 King George’s Avenue, Singapore 208581
Entry into Nomination Centre: Wednesday (Sep 13) 10am

The unpopular former PAP MP is expected to be met with jeers similar that received by Tony Tan during his presidential campaign on Nomination Day. A shouting contest with the PAP supporters will also be expected like as in previous Nomination Day. This is largely due to the unfairness surrounding her candidacy including the “Malay-washing” of her Indian heritage and the walkover decision by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong controls the Election Department through his Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and he is believed to have little confidence of Halimah Yacob winning in a fair election, hence the need for a walkover. Other PAP Ministers have also expressed similar low expectations of Halimah Yacob, with Minister of State Chan Chun Sing saying that he is will to pay the “political price” for a walkover.