Photo of LRT diruption from Mediacorp

Singapore’s public transport operator SMRT was over an hour late in informing the public of train service disruption today (Sep 9). As early as 9.45am, a commuter posted on Twitter confirming that there is no train service at Bukit Panjang LRT station (BPLRT) but SMRT reported the stop service only over an hour later at 11.12am.

The tardy reporting caused massive chaos in all affected stations along the BPLRT, with many commuters blindly waiting for train services. According to SMRT, a train had stalled between Phoenix and Bukit Panjang station at 9.45am. SMRT towed the faulty train back to the depot and declared the fault was clear at noon.

However, right after services resumed, a second train stalled at the same location and commuters onboard had to walk on the LRT tracks to the next station. As of publication time at 3.30pm, the entire BPLRT line is still down.