Photo of Law Minister K Shanmugam from AFP

Law Minister K Shanmugam yesterday (Sep 8) misrepresented Singaporean Malays claiming that they are complaining about having no Malay President. Speaking at the Institute of Policy forum, the Law Minister lied saying he knows how Malays feel:

“We know that the Malay community has generally felt that, you know, there isn’t a Malay president. I won’t say there was a groundswell of clamour, but there was certainly a considerable body of opinion and viewpoints that they don’t have a Malay presidency.”

The Home Affairs and Law Minister is unable to bring out any survey result to back up his statements.

Citing US elections, Law Minister K Shanmugam also told off Singaporeans to “get real” and that Singaporeans are racist when it comes to elections:

“Race has proven to be a relevant factor in voting around the world. Even when Mr Barack Obama became the United States’ first black president, the figures behind his mandate show that race still came into play. He lost the white vote. He got 43 per cent of the whites’ vote, he had 60-odd per cent of the Hispanic vote, he had 95 per cent of the African-Americans. Race is not important? Let’s get real.”

The PAP Minister then claimed the Opposition Workers’ Party are racists:

“While the opposition parties here have been critical of policies supporting the multiracial tenet, such as the GRC scheme, the Workers’ Party has consistently fielded Chinese candidates when contesting for single seats in the General Elections. What does that tell you?… I am not saying society remains static… But the point I am making is race is a factor, has always been a factor.”