Photo of Tan Chuan Jin from Facebook

As a Minister for Social and Family Development (MSF), Tan Chuan Jin’s performance was especially lacking and this played a major factor in his demotion. Under Tan Chuan Jin, social indicators are not well: income inequality at among the worst in the world with a coefficient of 0.458, 19% jump in elderly suicide rate, lowest birth rate in the world, higher divorce rate, higher anxiety level among students, lower purchasing power and many other independent social measurements that clearly pointed out Singapore’s society is getting worse.

Minister Tan Chuan Jin sat on the problems and let them festered, doing nothing as he did when he was Manpower Minister for a year before he was “redeployed”. The Minister was quick to find excuses whenever he encountered a problem he has no solution with, which came about the notorious “exercise” comment.

The former army general had no relevant experience in government, and his military knowledge has proven next to useless with his dismaying results. After being lured into politics by money, Tan Chuan Jin was at a loss when he realised the real world does not take orders from the brigadier general. There is too much disconnect between a military organisation and the government, which ended up costing him his job.

Despite being the first Minister to be demoted, Tan Chuan Jin has to swallow his pride and take the olive branch offered by his boss. After all, which private sector organisation would pay for an army general with no experience? S$500,000-a-year is very well over-paid for his limited abilities. In fact, very few could explain what are the criteria required of a Speaker of Parliament, or even how Tan Chuan Jin’s abilities, if any, would fit the bill. Many of his colleagues congratulated him on lips service, but are actually laughing hard at his 50% pay cut.

There has been talks about Tan Chuan Jin been earmarked to be the next puppet president like Halimah Yacob. However, Tan Chuan Jin has never once win an election by his own. He has always been carried along by former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong who leads the Marine Parade GRC team. Fielding Tan Chuan Jin as a Presidential candidate would be a political suicide for the ruling party.