Photo of Tan Chuan Jin with elderly from Facebook

Minister of Social and Family Development (MSF) Tan Chuan Jin has been told to resign from his ministerial position, and take up the position of the Speaker of Parliament. The demotion also meant that Tan Chuan Jin will take home half the salary, or S$550,000-a-year lesser.  A Singapore entry-level Minister earns S$1.1 million a year.

The former army general was also formerly Manpower Minister but he was unable to handle the job and was reappointed to be the Minister for MSF. Under Tan Chuan Jin’s lead, Singapore’s social problems ballooned with income gap and poverty worsening. Tan Chuan Jin was also called out for his callous statements on elderly poor, claiming elderly poor chose cardboard collecting as a form of “exercise”.

Tan Chuan Jin will take over the vacant Speaker of Parliament position left behind by Halimah Yacob, whom dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong assigned to be the next president.

Minister of State Desmond Lee will take over as the new Minister for MSF, and also see a pay raise of S$200,000-a-year.

Tan Chuan Jin is now also counted out of the Prime Minister race, with three other Ministers, Chan Chun Sing, Lawrence Wong and Heng Swee Keat vying for the lucrative S$2.2 million-a-year premiership post. The Singapore’s Prime Minister post is the most expensive in the world, and the entire PAP administration costs S$53 million-a-year.