Screenshot of Facebook video Tan Chuan Jin

Following a state media reporter’s question over his demotion affecting his chance of becoming the “next generation core leader”, Minister Tan Chuan Jin’s face soured and defiantly insisted that he is still in the “race”:

“There are many different roles and different pathways we all need to take. I would say we are all in the same direction and running the same race and the outcome is about making things better for Singapore.”

Minister Tan Chuan Jin ended his video interview after throwing the one-liner, with a conspicuous salty look on his face.

The former army general has never worked a day in the private sector, and Tan Chuan Jin is unlikely to command a salary as high as S$500,000-a-year in the corporate world. The demotion maybe frustrating but the new position still pays attractively enough to retain the ex-military man.

Tan Chuan Jin was a former Manpower Minister who held the post for only a year due to under-performance. He was later transferred to an “easier” portfolio of Minister for Social and Family Affairs in 2015, but his performance is apparently sub par as income gap and poverty continues to worsen – leading to today’s demotion.