Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Facebook

Opposition MP Sylvia Lim has been banned from questioning the Parliament about the legitimacy of the coming Malay Presidential Election. The ruling party dominated Parliament which has 82 PAP MP and only 6 Workers’ Party MP, voted against the question to be asked in Parliament.

Last month on Aug 23, the Singapore Courts dismissed former Presidential candidate Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s question of counting from President Wee Kim Wee or President Ong Teng Cheong for the reserved Malay election. President Wee Kim Wee was an appointed president and has never been elected. If President Ong Teng Cheong is acknowledged to be the first elected president, the reserved Malay election will be deemed invalid. However, the Singapore Court said they have no power to decide who is the first elected President and said that the Lee Hsien Loong-controlled Parliament gets to decide.

Following the court dismissal, WP MP Sylvia Lim raised the same question five days later on Aug 28, which is today (Sep 6) announced to be blocked by the Parliament.

This is the latest move by dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to block any legal questions to the coming election to be held this month (Sep 13). The dictator made a number of blunders preparing for his puppet President, with the first being the counting of the first elected president. Lee Hsien Loong also made a mistake in Halimah Yacob’s heritage, who is an Indian written in her NRIC identity card. The dictator had to re-write the Constitution, redefining the Malay race as “a Muslim from the Malay community”.

The Election Department under Lee Hsien Loong’s Prime Minister Office (PMO), is now mulling whether to break the Constitution by lowering the financial requirements to give the two other Indian Singaporeans – Farid Khan and Murican Salleh – a chance to contest against the PAP-endorsed candidate Halimah Yacob.