Photo of Chan Chun Sing from Facebook video

Minister of State Chan Chun Sing today (Sep 5) told media reporters that he thinks that the demotion to Speaker of Parliament “suits” Tan Chuan Jin’s “strength”:

“All of us play different roles in different points of our lives, and all of us… serve Singapore in whatever capacity that best suits our strength.”

The former army general was not able to handle state media reporters’ questions, and refused to deny that this demotion along with a 50% pay cut is a demotion for Tan Chuan Jin. Tan Chuan Jin will be taking home only S$550,000-a-year in his new position, less than half of what he gets as a full Minister.

Minister Chan Chun Sing also dodged a question on the requirements of being a Speaker of Parliament, and repeated his script on “different roles in our lives to serve Singapore and Singaporeans”.

Following the elimination of Tan Chuan Jin, Minister Chan Chun Sing will be the forerunner to take over dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as the next PM.