Despite being directly in-charge of the lift serviceability in her constituency, PAP MP Sun Xue Ling made a public announcement pushing all blame of the slew of lift breakdowns to her lift contractor. The PAP MP condemned lift contractor Sigma on Facebook:

“Dear Residents, I am crucially aware of the lift issues plaguing Arcadia, Residences and Regalia. For a while there was an improvement in the workings of the lifts generally across Punggol West but lately, lift issues have crept up again with increasing momentum. It is unacceptable that a lift technician is nowhere to be found for 3.5 hours. It is also unacceptable that right after servicing, the same lift breaks down again the next day. I sat down with Town council yesterday to go through the lift issues and sent our data findings to HDB today. I have also asked for a meeting with the HDB and have put forth my recommendations. I will keep you posted. Thank you.”

According to residents living in three estate precincts in Punggol West, the lifts “take turn” to break down twice a month and the down-time is as long as “a few days”. Many affected residents told state media CNA reporters that they had to climb the stairs when the lifts were down, with some having to scale 13 levels.

PAP MP Sun Xue Ling told state media CNA that she is directing all blame to the lift contractor and the Housing Development Board (HDB) to “consider tougher actions”:

“I have asked that the HDB step in to consider tougher action against the lift contractor. They need to hold the contractor accountable for the current unacceptable state of affairs and for the lift contractor to provide concrete steps to rectify them.”

Interestingly, the HDB pushed the blame back to the PAP MP stating that the lifts are maintained by the town council and they only have “oversight”. HDB also pointed out that the PAP MP is the one who contracted the problematic lift contractor:

“The lifts in the three precincts are between five and six years old and are maintained by the town council. HDB would typically have oversight of issues if they fall within the one-year defect liability period (DLP)… The town council engages Sigma to maintain the lifts.”