Photo of Halimah Yacob from Straits Times

In order to secure the upcoming Malay presidency, dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong-endorsed candidate Halimah Yacob is playing up feminism and her religious card to get support. Over the past few weeks, Halimah Yacob repetitively emphasised that she is Singapore’s first female Speaker of Parliament and even boasted that women are looking forward to her becoming Singapore’s first female President.

The Indian Singaporean also refused to acknowledge her Indian DNA, and threw out the religious card. Halimah Yacob tells Singaporeans to “look beyond the tudung”, implying that Singaporean voters are prejudiced against her Muslim faith. Halimah Yacob’s insistence to wear her tudung despite the Singapore President being a secular role, is also a political plot to play the Muslim card so Malay Singaporeans can overlook her race and support her. Fudging a religion with a race, Halimah Yacob is trying to mislead Singaporeans into believing she is Malay just because she wears a tudung.

It is common knowledge to all Singaporeans that behind Halimah Yacob is a Chinese man, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Everything that Halimah Yacob is today is because of Lee Hsien Loong. Henceforth, one can’t help but feel disgust whenever she trumpets about being the first female head-of-state wearing a tudung in human history.

Halimah Yacob’s unsuitability for presidency however goes beyond her race and her deplorable attitude to denounce her Indian heritage. Many Singaporeans by now have pointed out the ungrammatical mistake of her campaign slogan: “Do good, do together”.  Like her campaign slogan, Halimah Yacob speaks ungrammatically and incoherently, and she lacks the the eloquence befitting that of a President. It would be really shameful as a Singapore President for her to use an English translator, when Singapore has the best English standards among Asian countries.

The shameless PAP puppet is going down the way of Tony Tan, a useless stick figure that created the debate why is there even a need for a president in Singapore. With Halimah Yacob being Singapore President, she will create a new debate why Singapore must not have a President.