Screenshot of Tony Tan with Lee Hsien Loong from Facebook video

If it isn’t embarrassing enough, the Prime Minister himself is unable to name any achievement of Tony Tan’s presidency in his farewell speech yesterday (Aug 31). PM Lee Hsien Loong was fuzzy in his description of Tony Tan’s work, and did not pinpoint any particular project attributable to Tony Tan:

“When we celebrated SG50, you hosted many commemorative events and receptions, both in Singapore and when you were abroad, to deepen Singaporeans’ sense of unity and attachment to the country, and show our appreciation to the pioneer generation. As President, Dr Tan widened our circle of friendly countries, opened doors for Singapore companies and strengthened networks of trade and investments.”

Lee Hsien Loong thanked Tony Tan for giving his nods to several government projects and never once resisted the dictator:

“The Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High-Speed Rail project as one example of when the Government had to seek the consent of the President. Dr Tan had carefully studied the issue, and gave his views from the perspective of safeguarding Singapore’s reserves. Dr Tan’s views were also sought for major infrastructure projects such as Changi Airport’s Terminal 5 and the Cross Island MRT Line. When the Government decided to review the Elected Presidency scheme after 25 years, it asked Dr Tan for his views. Constitutionally, this amendment was the prerogative of the Government and Parliament. But the Government sought your views on this important change affecting the President’s custodial powers, and it was proper and valuable that you gave the changes your public support.”

The useless puppet President stepped down yesterday with public salaries collected over S$9.24 million in his six year term. President Tony Tan’s inactivity sparked conversations questioning why is there a need for a President who does nothing for the country.

Tony Tan made zero public statements on any issues important to Singaporeans, and did not even know how much is in the national reserves he was supposed to guard with. The useless puppet is also hugely unpopular with Singaporeans, with a majority 64.8% not voting him for President. The President is nicknamed “KFC man” by Singaporeans for his similar appearance to Colonal Sanders of the fastfood chain, but other than that, most Singaporeans are unaware of his presence or what he does.