Screenshot of Tony Tan from NDP video

Dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong poured unworthy praises for his useless puppet president Tony Tan today (Aug 31) in his farewell speech:

“Fortunately, you were elected, and Singapore has benefitted greatly from your calm and dignified presence, wealth of knowledge and steady judgment. Domestically, he has to be a unifying figure to all citizens. Externally, he represents Singapore to other nations. He is also the custodian of our reserves and of the integrity of the public service.”

Lee Hsien Loong also thanked Tony Tan for appointing his former private lawyer Lucien Wong as Attorney-General, and allowing the dictator PM to have free access to the CPF funds and national reserves:

“As a custodian of the national reserves, the President was prudent and conscientious. He ensured the reserves continue to be used only for good cause and that only well-qualified, suitable people are appointed to key public offices. We were able to operate these Presidential safeguards effectively and smoothly, because your office and the Government have had a close and constructive working relationship, based on mutual trust and respect.”

The dictator PM did not hide his nepotism link with Tony Tan, admitting that he endorsed his former boss to be President:

“I enjoyed working with Dr Tan, who was my first boss when he entered politics more than 30 years ago. Dr Tan was then-Minister of Trade and Industry. You mentored and guided me, and helped me to find my footing in government. Later, we were for many years Cabinet colleagues, working together in various roles. Like many others, I have always admired your clarity of focus, imperturbable demeanour and sense of duty. It was the same these last six years that you have been President. I am grateful that we have had a long, productive and happy working relationship, and hope that you will look back on it as warmly as I do.”