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Government website has again been told to take down a fake news article featured on it’s website. The Ministry of Education (MOE) yesterday (Aug 28) wrote on the government news site saying it is disappointed that published the fake news:

“We would like to clarify that the Director-General of Education did not make the statements quoted in the article above. This is fake news. We are disappointed that your website would circulate such false comments. We would appreciate it if you could remove the article immediately or at least print a correction. Thank you.”

In’s article, the government website quoted an Australian Teacher Magazine column which published statements never made by the MOE’s Director-General Wong Siew Hong. The MOE Director-General was falsely reported to have said “We’ve been winning the wrong race.” in regards to Singapore winning first place in the PISA study ranking students in terms of Mathematics, Science and reading.

The editor of is a former state media reporters, and the website is indirectly funded by the Singapore government. Just two week ago (Aug 15), was forced to apologise for publishing a fake news defaming Presidential candidate Salleh Marican. The website was set up to circulate pro-government propaganda articles to counter independent news site States Times Review.

Singapore’s mainstream media is laden with fake news and the government-regulated media is ranked 154th in the world for credibility.