Photo of Halimah Yacob from CNA

16-years PAP MP Halimah Yacob praised herself in an exclusive interview with state media CNA today (Aug 28) saying she did very well in life:

““You did very well, young lady. Although you had a lot of setbacks, life was really tough and difficult, but you made it. That’s not too bad!” That is what I would tell my secondary school self if I had the chance.”

The PAP MP then brought out her dead mother to canvass for sympathy vote:

“in Secondary Two, I was nearly kicked out of Singapore Chinese Girls’ School for missing too many classes. I had to help my mother at a relative’s food stall to support the family. I never turned up for school for long periods and finally I had to be marched to the principal’s office where she told me, ‘Girl, if you keep not coming to school, I have to kick you out of school.’ That was the final ultimatum.”

Halimah Yacob so far has the most press coverage in the 154th-ranking state media.

The Lee Hsien Loong-endorsed candidate then played the sexist card, saying that her gender gave many women inspiration:

“When I became Speaker, a lot of people were very delighted – a lot of women, women’s groups. They were very happy that we now have the first female speaker. If the unintended consequence is that it helps to inspire, motivate women, particularly young women, then I’d be very grateful. Even now I get a lot of very young girls come up to me, schoolgirls even, to take photos. They say they feel very inspired. So I feel if that is one of the aspects of having a female as a President, then that’s really something good. But as I said, people should look at not the gender, but the person and see what the person can contribute.”

The Indian Singaporean who denounced her heritage then told the media to look beyond her Indian heritage when voting for a Malay President:

“Despite this being a reserved election for the candidates from the Malay community, people should also look past race.”