Defending against critics who slammed the dictator’s speech as being “out of touch”, Minister of State Chan Chun Sing told state media reporters that the Prime Minister’s speech is about building an inclusive society:

“It is all about building an inclusive society. Improving pre-school education, fighting diabetes and becoming a Smart Nation may seem disparate goals, but they have a common purpose of building an inclusive society. The three core topics of this year’s National Day Rally are also about ensuring a good quality of life and creating opportunities for people. These long-term issues are aimed at creating a more inclusive society for everyone to benefit from technological advances, and establishing a strong foundation for the next generation to remain competitive in the global economy.”

Minister Chan Chun Sing is currently the forerunner to be the next Prime Minister after Lee Hsien Loong retires in five years’ time 2022.  The former army general have recently been deflecting criticisms on the Prime Minister’s National Day Rally speech and pouring praises to support the PM.

Many Singaporeans are especially unhappy with the PM’s National Day Rally speech after the dictator announced that the government will be implementing sugar tax and making Singaporeans pay for cashless transaction fees. Many also thought that the PM is out of touch for not mentioning more pertinent issues like the state of public transport and the rising cost of living. The country’s train network is currently seeing train breakdowns as frequent as weekly due to an untested signalling software, which Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan claimed that they will take at least 3 more years to fix. Cost of living has also taken headlines recently following the 30% increase of water prices and electricity tariffs.