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PAP-endorsed candidate Halimah Yacob has broken the country’s election laws by beginning her campaign before the closing of Nomination Day. Halimah Yacob yesterday (Aug 25) launched her presidency campaign website featuring a “valedictory” letter from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong supporting her presidency bid. This is a direct infringement of the Election law.

According to the Election Department, no campaigning is allowed before Nomination Day closes. Below is a clause from the Election Department website:

“Candidates can only start their election campaigns from the close of nomination, and up to before the eve of Polling Day.”

Halimah Yacob should therefore be disqualified from contesting for infringing the election law. However, the Singapore dictatorship is a corrupted regime under dictator PM Lee Hsien Loong and the Election Department, under the Prime Minister’s Office, will likely give Halimah Yacob the leeway.

Halimah Yacob is also one of the three Indian Singaporeans contesting the Malay presidency, which the dictatorship allowed by circumventing the definition of the “Malay” race.