Photo of Farid Khan from Todayonline

Two Indian Singaporeans have submitted their election forms to contest in the coming Malay Presidential elections. Both Farid Khan a Pakistani Indian Singaporean and Mohamed Salleh Marican, an Indian Singaporean, have Indian fathers and hence should not qualify for the Presidential election like PAP MP Halimah Yacob.

Race aside, the two Indian Singaporeans also failed the S$500 million shareholders’ equity criteria stated in the Constitution, making their candidacy further unqualified.

However, dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who controls the Election Department through his PMO, is likely to bend the Constitution allowing the two Indian Singaporeans to contest. This is so to fake a support ground for his choice of candidate, Halimah Yacob, and also provide legitimacy to her Indian heritage.

Despite re-writing the Constitution to create the world’s first racist election, no Malay Singaporean will be President in this coming election as all 3 submissions are Indians. Just yesterday (Aug 24), the Court absolves itself of responsibility over the definition of an elected President, passing the power of interpreting the Constitution over to the Lee Hsien Loong-controlled Parliament. The election’s last contender, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, who lost by only 0.37%, was banned from contesting as he posed too much a threat to the dictator PM.

Lee Hsien Loong requires a puppet President to give him full access to CPF funds and the national reserves, where he controls the Monetary Authority of Singapore (through the PMO), Ministry of Finance, GIC (where he is Chairman) and Temasek Holdings (where his wife is CEO).