Screenshot of Lee Hsien Loong having fun in video from Facebook

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong posted on his social media profiles a video of his “bloopers” he took while filming for the National Day Rally trialer:

“I tried something new… I had to walk and talk at the same time. TV personalities (especially David Attenborough) make it look easy, but it is harder than you think. I am not quite Wonder Woman but after a few tries, I finally got a ‘clean take’.”

The dictator is trying to build a cult personality of himself, with recent efforts to boost his reputation following increasing criticisms over his government performance. Over on his Facebook profile, his “candidness” was welcomed with cheers from anonymous profiles who are likely to be from the Internet Brigade (IB). The ruling party PAP’s IB was created in 2007 to shore up government reputation and defame critics through creating false news.

A primary criticism of Lee Hsien Loong centers around him being negligent of the country’s affairs. Public transport, poverty, CPF retirement and cost of living were not taken seriously enough to be priority or even worth mentioning during his National Day Rally speech.