Screenshot of Lee Hsien Loong in Parliament

According to the verdict delivered by the Apex Court yesterday (Aug 23), dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong changed the Constitution last year (2016) to over-ride the judiciary’s powers on the definition of an “elected President”. In short, the Parliament gets to decide “any of the five” Presidents to trigger a minority-reserved election:

“This was because the constitutional amendments passed in 2016 to make sure members of minority communities would occupy the highest office of the land from time to time had left it to Parliament to decide. In other words, Parliament was free to choose from any of the five most recent presidential terms as the start of the 30-year-hiatus-triggered model.”

Henceforth, the Parliament’s decision to count appointed-President Wee Kim Wee who did not contest in an election as an “elected President” stands valid. However one thing to note is that the Apex Court refuse to acknowledge Wee Kim Wee as an “elected President” and simply deferred their decision blaming the Parliament.

The panel of 5 judges including the Chief Justice lamented on their uselessness saying:

“There is simply nothing that could reasonably lead us to a different view.”

The Lee Hsien Loong-controlled Parliament then in 2016 challenged Opposition MP Sylvia Lim to go to the Court to dispute if Wee Kim Wee is an “elected President”. This led to the last election’s closest contender, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, who lost by only 0.37%, to file an appeal to the Court.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s appeal was however rejected yesterday, barring him from contesting in the coming Presidential Election. The racist election is the first in the world, and it is reserved only for Malays. However, dictator PM Lee Hsien Loong bent the rules to allow his choice of candidate, Halimah Yacob, an Indian Singaporean, to contest. An election committee selected by the dictator ruled that any Muslim can identify themselves as “Malay”.