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According to a state media report, 125 working holiday visas for Australia were fully taken up within 5 minutes of launch on the first day of opening on August 1. There are 500 working holiday visas in each round held quarterly for tertiary-educated Singaporeans aged between 18 and 30.

The newly-launched working holiday visa allows young Singaporean adults to work in Australia for up to a year, and many young Singaporeans sees it as a golden opportunity to leave Singapore. Several Singaporeans who applied for the working holiday visa told States Times Review that they are hoping to emigrate out of Singapore.

For male Singaporeans, a major factor behind applying the working holiday visa is the allowance to defer National Service reservist conscription. Singaporean males STR spoke to said their friends who emigrated have never been called up for NS reservist training, and they are hoping to use the working holiday visa to secure permanent placement in Australia.

Most Singaporeans who applied for the working holiday visa expressed intention to emigrate to Australia, with most respondents saying they detest the working hours and salaries in Singapore. In Australia, the full-time working hours is mandated at 40 hours, and salaries for professionals like engineers are paid two to three times more than Singapore offers.

Other Singaporeans who applied for the visa said that they are interested in a different lifestyle and one said he is “sick and tired” of the corruptions and manipulated elections in the Singapore dictatorship government.