Photo of Chan Chun Sing from CNA

In an interview with state media CNA, Minister of State Chan Chun Sing led the chorus in the singing of praises for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong today (Aug 22), calling government regulations getting “smarter”:

“Rules and regulations are not just defensive to prevent bad things from happening. But rules and regulations need to be progressive to allow and enable new ideas to flourish. We are prepared to try things out in a controlled environment before we proliferate this to a wider environment. I look forward to even smarter regulation.”

The former army general then quoted the failing public transport system, claiming that the government is now using “predictive maintenance” to fix the trains:

“In the past, we used to fix the systems or the parts when the trains break down. Then people said we should do preventive maintenance, but in fact people are now moving from preventive to predictive maintenance, which is that even before things break down, you get information from the sensors network and you start to change the parts that need to be changed. The technology is there. Now we have to employ it in a much bigger way. The Smart Nation initiatives are geared towards resolving such issues.”

Minister Chan Chun Sing then continued to praise Lee Hsien Loong’s speech, and even came out with his own new term: “enablers”. The former army general who has never set up a business claimed that businesses will soon absorb administrative costs due to “competition”:

“Many of the initiatives PM Lee mentioned in his speech are actually enablers for us to do well economically in the next lap, whether it’s early childhood education, as the foundation, or the Smart Nation initiatives to expand on the opportunities for individuals and businesses to do better in the next lap. For instance, some businesses are unwilling to offer e-payment options because of administrative costs. I think there will be competition and all these charges will be driven down.”

Minister Chan Chun Sing then continued praising Lee Hsien Loong’s plan to increase the number of kindergartens and “fight” diabetes.

Lee Hsien Loong’s recent National Day Rally speech was slammed by many Singaporeans as being out of touch and ignoring more pertinent issues like public transport and cost of living. A state media-conducted survey revealed that only 38% rated Lee Hsien Loong’s speech positively, a very unfavourable outcome considering that the survey was conducted by the government media.