Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Facebook

Following a public backlash on the political purging of his nephew Li Shengwu, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong defends himself claiming that his nephew did not apologise for “contempt”. The dictator PM responded via his secretary, Chiang Li Lin, in a statement:

“Clear laws and procedures apply to all cases of contempt, including this case involving Mr Li. The courts will decide on the merits of the case. AGC has told Mr Li that if he apologised for his comments, then the proceedings against him will be withdrawn. Mr Li has not done so.”

Through his Prime Minister’s Office secretary, PM Lee Hsien Loong claimed that his ruling party dictatorship is “democratically elected” and that his nephew is welcomed to set up an Opposition party to contest for power:

“PAP forms the democratically elected government of Singapore, and anyone unhappy with its performance can contest the elections and try to convince voters of their ability to do better, something that Opposition parties do regularly. Li’s claims that the Prime Minister Lee was surprised by Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s wish to knock down their family home “ridiculous”. PM Lee had given a full accounting in Parliament that while it was his father’s personal wish to demolish the house, Mr Lee Kuan Yew also recognised that the Government had the right to preserve the house, and seriously considered and approved plans for the house in that eventuality.”

Lee Hsien Loong also denied that his opposition to the demolishing of 38 Oxley Road is to establish a personality cult build on the Lee family:

“There is no cult of LKY (referring to the initials of the late Mr Lee) … His vision of what Singapore can be, and what imperatives govern Singapore’s survival, remain relevant and valid. Singaporeans are grateful to Mr Lee and the other founding leaders, and wish to honour their memory. That is natural and healthy.”