Photo of Halimah Yacob from Today

Government-endorsed presidential candidate Halimah Yacob who is an Indian Singaporean told state media reporters that it is not important what her race is in the coming Presidential Election reserved for the Malays.

“Not a single person has gone up to me and asked whether I am Malay. I think that’s a sense of confidence — acceptance of the person that I am. Even members of the Malay community whom I’ve met have not raised that question with me. Voters should assess a potential candidate based on the contributions that he or she can make, that should be the most important thing.”

However, Halimah Yacob’s mischievous intent to masquerade herself as Singapore’s Malay President has not gone unnoticed by Singaporeans. Many Malays and Indian Singaporeans slammed her for being shaming the two communities, blurring the racial and religious lines by claiming all Muslims are Malays. Singaporean Chinese condemns Halimah Yacob for disowning her father’s heritage as an act of defiance against filial piety.

Halimah Yacob also defended her one-day notification resignation as a PAP MP, claiming that she has all along been preparing for her resignation:

“I had wanted to ensure arrangements were in place to minimise any disruptions from my resignations. It’s not as if I decide and then one month later I resign.”

The former PAP MP who contested on orders of dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong claimed that a President needs to have years of public office experience like herself, dismissing the other two candidates from the private sector.

“Making a decision to unlock the nation’s reserves is not just based on numbers but involves exercising judgment gleaned from years of experience in policy making.”