Photo of Halimah Yacob from Straits Times

In her interview with state media Straits Times, Halimah Yacob brought out the race card telling Singaporeans to “look beyond her tudung”. The PAP MP who resigned just last week is insinuating that Singaporeans who do not vote for her are racists. Ignoring the fact that the Presidential Election is reserved only for Malays, Halimah Yacob told Singaporeans not to be racist:

“I have great faith and confidence in their fair-mindedness… to look beyond the tudung, to look beyond religion, to look beyond race, to look beyond the gender, because that is what our system is all about.”

However, no Singaporean ever made an issue out of her Islamic headdress. Rather, Singaporeans are angry at Halimah Yacob for denying her Indian heritage and pretending to be independent when she is a ruling party proxy sent by dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The Lee Hsien Loong-endorsed Presidential candidate then claimed that she will retire and do social work if she does not win the election, and that she has support from everyone:

“This morning, I spoke to Sister Theresa Seow from the Canossian Sisters. She sent me SMSes even before I said I am standing for election. I have had people from all walks of life, different religions, races, all coming to me and saying: “We will support you.”

When questioned why she did not correct Minister Chan Chun Sing when the latter addressed her as “Mdm President” twice, Halimah Yacob feigned ignorance and claimed that she is not aware of her party’s plot to put her as the next President:

“I thought I heard it wrong the first time, so I didn’t say anything. Then it was mentioned the second time. I almost fell off the chair. I felt very stressed out. After the sitting, he told me it was unintended, it was a slip. I accepted his explanation.”

Singapore government-regulated state media Straits Times featured Halimah Yacob in a full page interview, but did not do similar interviews for any other candidate.