Screenshot of Tony Tan from NDP video

It was embarrassing at the National Day Parade yesterday (Aug 9), the noticeable faint clapping on the arrival of President Tony Tan that is. No matter how the NDP hosts tried to cheer, no Singaporean is excited seeing Tony Tan.

Singaporeans, however, can not be faulted for their ill impression of President Tony Tan, who hardly have any positive reputation. The useless puppet president of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is reputed as a “KFC man” due to his similar appearance to founder of fried chicken fast food KFC, Colonal Sanders.

Tony Tan did nothing to earn the “head of state” title, even his election was provided by the dictator Prime Minister. In the past 6 years he is President, Tony Tan made zero public statement on the affairs of the state. Like a useless and weak emperor in corrupted dynasties, Tony Tan listen and act to the pecking of his Prime Minister. Such a person indeed is not worthy of respect.  It is exactly useless Presidents like Tony Tan that make Singaporeans question why is there even a need for a President.

His predecessor SR Nathan, who also achieved nothing in the 10 years in office, is widely nicknamed as “prata man”. Even in his funeral, hardly any Singaporean turned up to attend their last respect. The disrespect for the Singapore President position is very strong and can be felt among Singaporeans, as none of the man in the street can recall any act worthy of respect done by both SR Nathan and Tony Tan.

President Tony Tan’s uselessness is however great usefulness to the Prime Minister. Thanks to the puppet President, Lee Hsien Loong has full access to the CPF funds and the national reserves. Like a disease, Tony Tan inherited the uselessness of the Singapore presidency from his predecessor.

To make things worse, the uselessness of Tony Tan is going to pass down to Halimah Yacob next. It is hence evident a servant of the Prime Minister will always be pliant regardless of their race.

Shameful it is for Tony Tan in 2017 NDP, it will be Halimah Yacob’s turn to be insulted next year.