Photo of Halimah Yacob rehearsing as President before election

Halimah Yacob’s NRIC identity card is not written “Malay”, however she is going to be appointed a Malay President this month. Like all Indian Muslim ladies, the PAP MP wears the Islamic headscarf and speaks Malay. Her NRIC is written as “Indian” but she wears a Malay traditional costume and speaks Malay, just as many Singaporeans who wear American and speaks American-accented English (case in point: Amos Yee).

How is Halimah Yacob then, any Malay as Amos Yee is American? Amos Yee calls himself a white man because of his accent, sounds exactly as ridiculous as Halimah Yacob calling herself a Malay.

The truth is Halimah Yacob can never be Malay because she is Indian by biology. She has been the centre of Singaporeans’ ridicule in the entire Malay Presidential Election because she is Malay-washing herself. Halimah Yacob refused to acknowledge she is Indian, avoiding the word “Indian” like a disease. Point to note, she did not declare herself as a Malay either. If Halimah Yacob is not even confident of calling herself a Malay, how can she be a Malay President?

Singaporeans have no problem with a Malay President, but it infuriated the populace knowing they have been cheated into accepting a fake Malay like Halimah Yacob. Halimah Yacob is Indian. If she becomes President, she is either an Indian President or a fake Malay President. A fake Malay President is illegitimate because it breaks the exact Constitution the dictator PM foolishly edited.

In the recent week, the Singapore state media generated a fake news to Malay-wash Halimah Yacob. State media TodayOnline today (Aug 9) published a fake discussion claiming that minority Singaporeans are now fighting against their biological ethnicity. This is just one of the many fake news generated by the state media which ranks a 151th-low in credibility in the world. The Malay-washing propaganda will continue well into her election, the only question is how further ridiculous can the Singapore state media go.

With so much fake news generated from the state media, it is hence timely to remind Singaporeans the bottom line on Halimah Yacob:

Halimah Yacob is not a Malay born in an Indian body. Her tudung does not make her Malay.  Singaporeans are not the racist ones calling for a Malay Presidential Election, it is the racist Prime Minister who came up with the racist election. Halimah Yacob is Indian, she will be an Indian President.