Photo of Halimah Yacob from Straits Times

Indian Singaporean MP Halimah Yacob disavows her Indian heritage and proclaims herself to be a Malay, just so she can secure the lucrative S$1.54 million-a-year President position. Perhaps she is shameful of her Indian heritage? Maybe, but her blood is still true blue Indian – even her NRIC says so. While it has been explicitly expressed that the upcoming Presidential Election is reserved for the Malays, the PAP MP is exploiting a legal loophole in the definition of “Malay”.

India press, The Hindu, even ran a report confirming her Indian heritage.

According to the Lee Hsien Loong-appointed committee in-charge of defining “Malay”, one need not be a Malay to be Malay and simply only have to identify as a member of the Malay community. The racist election is a slippery slope as now PAP MP Halimah Yacob’s Indian heritage become the centre of debate, with those who pointed out that she has an Indian father, being labelled “racists”.

PAP MP Halimah Yacob also exploited a second legal loophole of the Singapore Presidential Election: independence. There is no waiting period or evidence needed to prove one is independent from any political affiliations. Halimah Yacob even blatantly announced that she will quit her PAP membership on Monday, and submit to contest as an “independent member of the public” on the very next day Tuesday. What shamelessness and an insult to Singaporeans’ intelligence.

Halimah Yacob will not solely become Singapore President, but she will go down in history as one of the major corrupted figures in Singapore history. She did not win on merits, and worse, she won on fake heritage exploiting legal loopholes. In her candidacy, both the Malay and Indian community have been shamed. Is the Malay race more superior, one may ask. Or how is an Indian a Malay? Singapore today is truly in a mess with Lee Hsien Loong in power.