Photo of Tin Pei Ling from Todayonline

PAP Macpherson RC has been forced to make refunds to Singaporeans who signed up for their open house activities after Singaporeans slammed the PAP branch for discrimination. According to a photo of the event poster, Singaporeans have to pay S$3 for a ticket while new citizens only have to pay S$1.

Photo from Facebook

PAP MP Tin Pei Ling feigned ignorance claiming that she is unaware of the event conducted by her committee where she is VIP and that she is “very upset” after finding out only on Wednesday (Aug 2). The crony of dictator Prime Minister said in textbook-style that this is “a lesson learnt”:

“There has been unhappiness over how an RC in MacPherson charged for its tickets for a community event last Sunday. I found out about it yesterday and was very upset too. We have counseled the RC and tightened the internal vetting process. The RC had no ill intention but still, it was a mistake that should not have happened. The RC has since apologised (see link below) and I have asked them to right the wrong by refunding all the participants of this event. The RC comprises Singaporeans who are fellow residents in the area, and who have volunteered their personal time to serve the community over the years. It’s a lesson learnt for the RC and everyone. We will endeavor to do better.”

The fiasco triggered talks about preferential treatment for foreigners, especially on conscription National Service. New citizens above the age of 21 are exempted conscription, while Singaporeans born in Singapore are forced to serve more than two years of military conscription.