Photo of Minister Lam Pin Min from CNA

Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min today (Aug 1) spoke up for PAP-linked crony construction company, Or Kim Peow (OKP) Holdings, saying that there is no corruption involved in the tender bidding process.

At the month of the fatal bridge collapse incident, OKP Holdings was already under investigation by the government Land Transport Authority (LTA) but it was not banned from bidding in new tenders. Minister Lam Pin Min said:

“The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) was still investigating this 2015 incident, at the time the LTA was evaluating OKP’s bid to construct the viaduct, a section of which collapsed last month. This was why LTA did not disqualify OKP outright. At the time we did not know exactly what was the cause and what liability OKP had in the 2015 fatality.”

Minister Lam Pin Min however admitted that OKP Holdings scored the lowest in quality for the project submission and won the project solely on pricing, which is some 27% lower than its nearest lowest bidder. Minister Lam Pin Min said:

“Overall, it obtained the highest (price-quality) score and was awarded the contract.”

Lowest winning bid project via cronyism cause construction collapse, killing one injuring ten

OKP Holdings, a crony of the ruling party PAP won a S$100 million highway project in Changi but the construction collapsed and killed one foreign worker and injured 10 others.

The chairman and owner of the construction contractor OKP Holdings, Or Kim Peow, is a PAP grassroots leader in PAP Potong Pasir SMC, and he is also a recipient of several Public Service Award. Or Kim Peow’s three sons, Or Toh Wat, Or Kiam Meng and Or Lay Huat Daniel, sit as directors of OKP Holdings and themselves also PAP grassroots leaders in Potong Pasir SMC, Anchorvale Sengkang West SMC and Tampines SMC.

The other two directors were former PAP Minister of State for the propaganda ministry Ministry of Communications, Chen Seow Phun John, and Tan Boen Eng who was a senior civil servant at the Income Revenue Authority, Singapore Pools and Singapore Sports Council.