Photo of SPH papers from Yahoo Singapore

According to a sharp-eye member of the public, propaganda state media Straits Times often feature a few regular commuters for feedback.

Ashley Wu, a public relations executive, was found to have been featured in Straits Times more than 10 times in a google search. Others include a certain Honda GM Nicholas Wong, lawyer Bryan Tan, transport researcher Lee Der-Horng and former taxi driver Alan Tang.

Here are some of the comments by Ashley Wu supporting government policies:

On government’s proposal to regulate private hire taxi drivers, Ashley Wu, 37, said: “It is a good idea for private-hire drivers to undergo training. Many of the drivers are young and inexperienced. They know only how to follow the GPS. And they’re not as professional as taxi drivers. So it’s good that they go for a course.”

On government’s founding out the cause of signal fault:

“Circle Line user Ashley Wu, 35, said it was “moderately efficient” for the investigators to have cracked the case in a week. The sales manager said her confidence int he line had not been affected, although commuting without phone access was very boring.”

Photo from Facebook

The Singapore government-regulated media is ranked 154th in the world for credibility, and Straits Times has always been called out for publishing fake news. From fake surveys featuring 1,000 respondents to fake experts from right-wing academic, Straits Times publishes only news favourable to the ruling party government. There has been no action taken by the Singapore Police on the fake news published by the government-regulated media.