Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan told the media today (July 27) that he dislikes negative media reporting on train delays and demanded that the media portray him in a good light:

“So let me now spend some time discussing the ongoing resignalling project on the North-South Line. I thought I should do it because I don’t like the media reporting because I think they have magnified the problem unfairly, even our mainstream media had turned tabloid. It is exciting and so on…glamourous you know…frightening figures…headlines. But I think it is unfair to the teams, some of them who are here, working their guts off resignalling project. They think it is so easy like taking a pen and write a few articles. Signalling done you know. I wish it was so simple. If it were so simple you don’t need us. You can ask the reporters to run the train system.”

The shameless Transport Minister did not apologise for the increase in train breakdowns and also issued several fake news claiming that rail reliability increased by 3 times.