Photo of Workers' Party Low Thia Kiang from screenshot

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is working in secret to incriminate and remove long-time Opposition MP Low Thia Kiang, with an “independent panel” accusing the Workers’ Party (WP) for corruptions.

The “independent panel” comprises of cronies from the ruling party PAP, and it is chaired by the second son of ousted WP founder JBJ, Philip Jeyaretnam. When JBJ was alive, he held a grudge with the WP and especially Low Thia Kiang who took over his secretary general position in WP.

A lawsuit has been filed against the WP today (July 26) with multiple allegations of corruptions, directing MP Low Thia Kiang and MP Sylvia Lim as key culprits. The HDB also announced that they are “studying the lawsuit” and will commence legal actions.

However, no police report was made.

The political moves are moving in-line with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s direction to remove the Opposition party, especially MP Low Thia Kiang who recently made fun of the PM. Earlier in July this month, MP Low Thia Kiang succinctly pointed out nepotism is at work because the PM did not want to sue his siblings, whereas for Opposition members and critics, the latter will be sued until “pants drop”. PM Lee Hsien Loong was visibly upset when he heard MP Low Thia Kiang’s sharp criticism.

As WP MP Low Thia Kiang is popular with Singaporeans, it is hard to remove him via the elections. Henceforth, PM Lee Hsien Loong is working towards incriminating the opposition MP to reinforce the PAP”s domination in Parliament.