The Singapore High Court yesterday (July 25) commented that National Service (NS) puts Singaporean conscripts at unfair disadvantage and hence is laying out a framework to punish those who do not want to serve conscription:

“The culpability of NS defaulters lies in the unfair advantage that they gained over their law-abiding peers by being able to pursue their personal goals while their peers were serving their NS obligations.”

The new framework will jail a Singaporean male from a minimum of 2 months up to 3 years depending on the number of years he did not serve full-time NS.

The High Court judiciously sanctimoniously said that Singaporean males who did not report for conscription do not have to plead guilty because a guilty plead is not a mitigating factor in its sentencing. The Singapore judge also ludicrously claimed a Singaporean male citizen born in Singapore have to serve NS no matter if they have any links with Singapore or “enjoyed any benefits as a citizen”. The court called out to all Singaporean males overseas for “voluntary surrender” and said that they will be seen as having “remorse” and be given lighter jail sentences.

New citizens above the age of 18 are excused from NS, causing severe inequality and feelings of indignancy among Singaporean males born in Singapore.

Singaporean males born in Singapore simply have to avoid travelling to Singapore to avoid NS. However, they will continue to be held ransom by the dictatorship and not be allowed to give up their citizenship without serving NS.

Under conscription laws introduced in 1966, Singaporean males have to serve full-time conscription for two years and a yearly reservist training of two-weeks for ten years. Conscripts are heavily indoctrinated with propaganda and doctrines to protect the ruling party PAP, with allegiance sworn to the PAP government and puppet President. Young conscripts who reject the ruling party PAP are seen as defiance and are subjected to military court martial without legal representation.