Photo of MRT crowd from Twitter

Public transport operator SMRT has again mischievously covered up a train delay during the peak hour evening today (July 24) in a corrupted bid to improve rail reliability indicators.

A door obstruction incident happened at Newton station at around 7.30pm, and although SMRT broadcast an announcement of a delay over the public address system, there is no notification from its official channel on Twitter.

According to a state media reporter, announcements of arrival at Bishan station were erroneously made when the train was still travelling halfway from Braddell to Bishan. There was also no ventilation and the carriage was stuffy according to the reporter. No report was made on SMRT’s official channel.

Due to SMRT covering up the train delay incident, the Bishan interchange station saw queues streching over 100m from the platform to the gantry. Uninformed commuters were not able to adjust their travelling plans and this worsened the overcrowding situation in all stations along the North-South Line.

As of press time, SMRT still have not made public any announcement of the train delay.

There is no response from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) or the two SMRT CEOs and two Transport Ministers.

According to LTA, rail reliability increased “two-fold” and public satisfaction on public transport is at a 9-year-high.