Map of pedra branca from CNA

Singapore’s propaganda state media CNA wrote an opinion piece featuring fake experts from Singapore’s education institutes slamming Malaysia for being a bad neighbour. One of the right-wing academics, Prof Kevin Blackburn, from National Institute of Education (NIE) told the propaganda media:

“Good neighbours don’t keep taking each other to court.”

Another fake international politics expert, Dr Mustafa Izzuddin, from Singapore’s ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute accused the Malaysia government and political parties of making an issue out of Pedra Branca to score political points in the coming general election:

“Malaysia’s new application represents a willingness to lose Pedra Branca but gain everything else. This would still satisfy the domestic populace in the UMNO-led government’s efforts to protect Malaysia’s territorial integritya deliberative strategic attempt on the part of the Malaysian authorities to keep the Pedra Branca issue alive for domestic consumption. It does not escape notice that the elections are round the corner in Malaysia.”

Right-wing academic, Prof Simon Chesterman, from the National University of Singapore (NUS) was featured as a “known authority on international law” told the state media that Malaysia is desperate and simply trying their luck:

“Malaysia is throwing a whiff of the kitchen sink. Malaysia is throwing every possible argument at the Court in the hope of getting a preferable outcome – or at least not being seen as failing to do so for want of trying.”

You may view the propaganda fake news from CNA here.