Photo of crowd during train breakdown from Twitter

In a wide-ranging interview with state media CNA yesterday (July 21), Minister of State Chan Chun Sing said that the frequent train disruptions is not the government’s fault and that Singaporeans should focus on the government’s responses to the matter instead.

The PAP Minister defended the Transport Ministry and SMRT saying that they are “doing their level best” and described the 7-year-long disruption as “short-term”:

“Yes, so why are the train disruptions continuing? What are we doing to solve it? These are the important questions. Are our agencies on top of the issue? Are they trying their level best? I always tell people that circumstances don’t define us. Our responses to circumstances define us. None of us would like trains to be disrupted. All of us would like trains to work very smoothly.

So what is the Ministry of Transport doing to try their level best? If you look at the current situation we are facing – the re-signalling programme. Now that would cause short-term disruptions and we try to minimise that as much as we can, and if we don’t do that and pretend that the problem doesn’t exist, that won’t put us on a better footing in the years to come.”

The S$1.76 million-a-year Minister who is likely the next Prime Minister succeeding dictator Lee Hsien Loong, then point his finger to other countries without stating an example:

“And we have many examples now across different parts of the world where they have neglected the maintenance, the upgrading of the system over too long a time, and by the time they realised it, the situation almost became irreparable. We don’t want to end up in that kind of situation.”